Ugh, don’t ever mention Russia with Finland. Finland has beautiful views and we just have our own traditions and we are creative cuz we made our own sports. You unfortunately visited really traditional family. Finnish language is monotone like and not some spell casting.

Because wife carrying is NOT supposed to be taken seriously. So most of these things may give a wrong kind of image of Finland. Honestly thought you were insulting Finland until you wrote this was some sort of love letter to it.


The same thing often happens when I write about Norway – Norwegians really like to read about themselves. One thing common in all Nordic countries is that American cars are huge thing and subculture in all of them.

You visit a Finnish home and instead of putting on the kettle for some tea your host turns on the sauna

In a relationship, many Finnish women show their love by doing. In Finland, it’s not a problem if the woman makes more money than her partner. Dating a Finnish woman has the potential to change your life.

What I’ve learned is no matter where you were brought up, DNA is pretty ingrained. They’re generally the quietest, most people you could ever meet… until you call them Scandinavian.

Minna Canth was an influential writer who lived in the 19th century. She wrote about social issues, especially gender equality in a very progressive and realistic way. Minna Canth personally influenced the advancement of women’s rights in Finland for example by bringing public attention to women’s position in society. If you are looking for love, one of our Finnish brides can give it to you. Finnish brides give men a wonderful relationship for life. Hot Finnish girls are ready to give all their love to the right man. Finland has a long history with gender equality, being the world’s first country to offer full political rights to women in 1906.

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Achieving it also has enormous socio-economic ramifications. It fuels thriving economies and drives both productivity and growth. A lot has happened since the Mimmit Koodaa program started five years ago. “It was obvious that women are interested in technology—and that this is not the problem,” says Milja with excitement. She points to the Oura smart ring as an example where it would be beneficial to include women in the development of the product. Oura is a smart ring that measures a person’s body functions to let users know when they are sick, and other things such as how to improve their endurance.

The trains are amazing and mostly people either cycled to where they wanted to go or they walked. I must mention that I visited during the summer so I do not know Finland in winter. The average temp when I visited was around 10 degree Celsius. People in SA would consider that quite cold as they are used to an average of at least 25 degrees C. I however found the temperature perfect as I get way to hot here in SA, even during winter as it is still a lot warmer than I would like it to be. I managed to strike up spontaneous conversations with a variety of Finns in my 3 week stay. My son, who at the time was a typical South African toddler was quite an anomaly to the Finns.

As for Finland’s educational benefits for students, Finnish schools offer state-funded schooling which makes it easier for women and men to go to work after being on parental leave. Women represent 32% of students studying in mathematics and computer science. At this time it was not possible for the girls to pass the baccalaureate and move on to university studies. Okay, so this last point is for those of you who more on finnish women stereotypes more on are already in a relationship with a Finnish woman. If there are kids, a Finnish woman appreciates it if her spouse takes time off from work to be with the baby. There’s also a compensation system in Finland to do this.

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